PAX East 2014 Round Up

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Now that we’re fully recovered from PAX East and are full steam ahead on development, it’s finally the time to wrap up the show! The Indie MEGABOOTH was everything we were hoping it would be and more. Some of our experiences with the Indie showcase at GDC had helped set some expectations and it was rewarding to see familiar faces and an incredibly welcoming atmosphere at PAX East. We met a lot of incredibly talented developers, very enthusiastic press and loads of gamers.

Fortunately, nothing we didn’t already expect from GDC cropped up at PAX East. We had one or two bugs from new content, which is to be expected, but the demo ran smoothly the entire weekend! We received a lot of great feedback and press coverage which has helped carry us through the next steps of making the game.

Here’s all the great things people had to say about Tetropolis:

If you’re more of the visual media consumer, here’s some of the video interviews and previews we did for PAX East:

PAX East was amazing and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We couldn’t ask for a more welcoming reception to our game and we’re looking forward to the trade-shows we’ll be appearing at later this year!