Tetropolis Renamed to Refactor – Coming to PC and PS4

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

After a year of quiet development and refinement, we’re proud to announce that Tetropolis is back with a new name: Refactor. We’ve taken all of the feedback that we received over 2014 from our fans and have taken the time to improve the game and craft an experience that meets our own high expectations. Using the time given to us, we filled a lot of gaps in the game and focused on making the core gameplay experience as enjoyable as possible. Staying true to our original vision, we’ve maintained the sense of discovery and joy of experimentation that was found in Tetropolis.

So what has changed in the past year? Aside from the name, the biggest difference in Refactor is that we’ve swapped out the falling-block puzzle influence in the game with our own custom tetromino puzzle game. We wanted to be able to differentiate ourselves from any existing brands and remove any potential confusion. In creating our own tetromino puzzle game, we were able to produce a something that worked exactly like the map puzzle component of Refactor. Using this new puzzle game, we are able to teach players how to interact with the world through a much simpler approach.

The final bit of big news is that we’ve partnered with Sony to bring Refactor to the PlayStation 4! Not only have we made it through Steam Greenlight, PS4 owners everywhere will be able to play Refactor at the same time it launches on PC! For those of you who are excited for our PC release, head on over to our Steam Store page and add Refactor to your wish list! For our PS4 community, we’ve written a nice introductory post over on the PlayStation blog about the new face of Refactor which you should go check out. We’ll be providing additional information on the new gameplay mechanics and systems we’ve introduced in Refactor on our own blog so don’t forget to check back soon!