July Development Update: What’s going on now?

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

We’ve been working really hard on the tetronimo-based abilities like the slam, dash, and grapple. The first thing we did after E3 was create a virtual Jungle Gym where abilities could be chained together to allow us to see what was possible and polish the controls. Check out the moves you can pull:


The grapple ability feels great and we’re excited to see the dash ability can be chained in smoothly for aerial traversal. We’ll be creating some tough challenge maps that will test your abilities and make you feel like a badass when you pull it off! The dash and grapple can also be used in combat and will be necessary for defeating the enemies you will run into later in the game.

In addition to new moves, we’ve been working hard on the new zones. The caves are coming along nicely with their own enemies and secrets to uncover. We’ll be introducing magnetism in this section. Check out what you can do:


It is going to be exciting to see the unique ways people use these abilities during gameplay. We’ll post more as development continues!